Month: April 2020

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Type Guards

A type guard offers a similar behavior known from “instanceOf” and “typeOf”, which are in fact typescripts build-in type guards. However, these are limited to certain scopes, limiting the instanceOf to only compare if the class is an instance of another class. Additionally, “typeOf” only can compare simple data types such as strings, numbers, booleans…
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Reactive Properties

As a developer using angular you probably faced the fact that working with observables is indeed handy, when developing a reactive UI. The other day I stumble upon a great post ( that illustrated the use of Object.defineProperty, to make a function that allows for any property to be observed, with just a single line!  …
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Factory Method a Design pattern

The factory method is a design pattern that are used to construct a method allowing one to create different objects that shares an interface, and is therefore found as an creational design pattern. That makes the pattern very scalable, allowing one to add layers of abstraction to your code, and create objects that serves different…
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