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Mikkel Bayard Rasmussen

Creator of this blog

Hello and once again, welcome.

I am Mikkel Bayard Rasmussen. I am a civil engineer in computer technology and finished my master’s degree in June 2019.

I am an innovative and creative person which is reflected in the work I do. Furthermore, this helps me being positive and counter the challenges I meet.

Throughout my education, I have developed various skills that allow me to understand the depths of a problem to solve it. I like a good challenge and solve it with a creative or innovative way.

Additionally, I am curious by nature and therefore love to work in my field, as there are always new challenges and technologies to learn, which helps me develop myself.

I have created this website to develop my skills as a computer engineer and to keep improving my skills. I like to teach as it is the best way for me to learn and understand a topic, and that is the result of this blog.

The primary focus for this blog is to teach some of the fundamentals to new curious minds, that want to understand and learn in the field of computer science.

I hope my posts can help any of you guys out there.